Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Many More Falling Blocks

Several months ago I made a demo of box2d.js, a port of the 2D physics engine Box2D to JavaScript. I made the demo using 15 falling blocks because that's what ran well at the time. Checking the demo now, I see that JavaScript Engine improvements allow for the possibility of many more falling blocks. Here is a version of that demo with 80 falling blocks.

On the current Firefox GA Release (13) the frame rate with 80 blocks often drops briefly to 20fps, which is not great. But on Firefox Nightly (16), I get very smooth frame rates, very close to 60fps! I see similar results in Chrome Dev (21) as well [1]. So it looks like it is now possible to run games on the web with lots of 2D physics in them.

[1] On Opera 12 I manually enabled WebGL, but sadly the page doesn't render properly.

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