Friday, June 3, 2011

No more stackQuota()

If you use SpiderMonkey, and have had to run code like this:
js -e "stackQuota(100000000)" myFile.js
Then as of Bug 644241 landing on tracemonkey, calling stackQuota is no longer necessary (it will cause an error, as stackQuota no longer exists).

For more details see the bug. In brief summary, the script stack quota originally limited the amount of memory scripts could use, but its effectiveness diminished over time, while it has been causing more problems as people run larger JavaScript files and keep hitting the quota (we had a bug in Firefox, then another bug for worker threads, and as mentioned above it was necessary to call stackQuota in the console). So the script stack quota has been removed. A followup bug has plans to introduce a new way to limit the amount of memory scripts can use.

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