Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Two Recent Emscripten Demos

Whenever I do a presentation I try to have at least one new demo, here are two that I made recently:
  • 3 screens demo, for the Mozilla 2013 Summit. The demo is of 3 screens inside the BananaBread 3D first person shooter, a port of Sauerbraten. One screen shows a list of recent tweets, another shows a video, and the third shows a playable Doom-based game (see details here). So you can play Doom while you play Sauerbraten ;) Controls are a little tricky, but see the demo page itself for how to play each game.
  • Clang in the browser, for the LLVM Developer's Conference. The name says it all, this is basically the entire clang C++ compiler running in JS. The port isn't very polished (I didn't try to optimize it, you need to reload the page to recompile, etc.), I basically just got it running.

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